Group Travel - A Great Way to Go!

Traveling in a group, whether it be on a cruise or to a land-based destination, is a great way to travel.  Not only is it a way to spend time with family, friends, or people that you share a common interest with, it's also a way to get a great value!  Cruise lines, especially, offer incentives that make traveling in a group the best way to go...and it's easier than you may think!



Common Questions & Answers about Group Travel

Benefits of Group Travel

First and foremost, traveling with a group of family, friends, colleagues or other people that share a common interest is FUN!  It's a great way to connect and to share a special experience.   When you go together on a cruise, the benefits increase. 

First of all, a group discount is given to everyone in the group.  In addition to that, groups receive added benefits and "perks" that add value to the trip.  The cruise line may offer shipboard credits (like a gift certificate that can be used for on-board purchases), bottles of wine, free photos, cocktail parties or even a complimentary shore excursion.  

Last but not least, cruise lines offer a "free cruise" once a minimum number of cabins is sold.  Generally they offer a free cruise for every fifteen people in the group...but sometimes it can be as few as ten. 

When you add up all the benefits that are extended to group travelers, it makes sense to explore how you can take advantage of them.  Taylor Made Travel has had years of experience putting groups on board cruise ships all over the world.  We can help you find the best deal for you and your group.




What is a group cruise? 

A group can be as few as six people traveling together on the same ship and sailing date.  It's usually a group of friends, family, business associates, or people who share an interest with you.  If you can convince just a few more couples to join you on your cruise, then you could qualify for additional group discounts.

Typically there is a "group leader" who works with the travel consultant.  This is the person who generally earns the free cruise if the group reaches the minimum number of people required. 

Working Together

It's very easy to get started planning your group.  We will begin by talking about where and when you want to travel, or simply who is interested in going.  We will then help you find the right departure date, destination and cruise line that will fit your group's interests and budget. 

We will work together to promote the sailing to your group.  After we decide on the basics, Taylor Made Travel will provide you with a plan to get the word out to everyone.  We'll be here to answer questions, take care of the details, and make sure that everyone in the group is taken care of. 


Types of groups we specialize in:

  • Reunion Groups (Family, School) 
  • Culinary Trips
  • Senior Groups

There are lots of other ways to travel in a group and reap the benefits.  Here are a few sample group possibilities:

  • Church Groups
  • Dance Groups
  • Fitness Groups
  • Hobby Groups
  • Collectors Groups
  • Girls or Guys-Only Trips
  • Garden Clubs
  • Singles Groups
  • Bowling Leagues
  • Professional Organizations
  • Community & non-profit Groups
  • Volunteer Organizations
  • Social Clubs
  • or just friends, families or neighbors that want to travel together!